Your Take On A Tyreek Hill Extension

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A couple of weeks back, I discussed that Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill wanted a raise to bring him in line with the top-paid receivers in the NFL and possibly an extension. I then asked the following question-

If you were the Dolphins GM, would you give Hill an extension? If so, for how long and how much would you pay him over that period? Would you give yourself an idea of the deal, and how would you structure it to hopefully favor the Dolphins?

Below are some of your answers and thoughts on the question of the day-

Spok507 says give the MVP his deal.

Hill is the MVP of this team. I don’t care what his age is; he will probably be the MVP for the next couple of years if he’s healthy — which there is no reason to believe he won’t be. I say give him the extension. Having Tyreek Hill on this team forces defenses to take them seriously, no matter what. He is the most dynamic player in the league, so work out something that will keep him happy and in Miami for the foreseeable future and work for the team. He’s smart enough to know he can’t expect more than the team can give, so I’m sure there’s a way to work it all out.

daytonadolfan says make him happy but doesn’t see him here in three seasons.

Work something out with him but I only see him here this year and maybe next year!

Thomas23059 says the best may be yet to come.

Tyreek Hill is getting ready to play his age-30 season. Jerry Rice had arguably his best three-season stretch from age 31 to 33, so give Hill those years in Miami. You need some team protections in there if he loses it, but I don’t think he will. If he can come close to what Rice did in his age 31-33 seasons, Hill will be in the top 10 in career receptions, receiving yards, and TDs.

dolphinfan1323 says give him a new deal that gives the team the option to keep him or move on from him in 2026.

I want Hill on the team for two more years structure the contract with an out or basically a team option year 3 if he is still playing great year two keep him one more season or trade him if you can get anything

glen55 says if he wants something he has to give something.

I think Hill wants a new deal because the current sets the Dolphins up well to cut him in ‘26 without much pain. And if he falters this year, they can cut him next year, and it won’t be as painful as paying him.

I would play along and string him out but I wouldn’t give him a new deal if it locks him into big money and a big cap hit for longer than the current contract already does. I would for sure want to keep that option to cut him 2 years from now with a modest cap hit, and if I’m gonna give that up I want to get something significant in return.

SlayerNation1 says get it done!

Figure out how to extend him. Until further notice, Hill is the freakiest, football-fast field-flipper in the history of the NFL.

Has He lost a step, not that I have heard.

… or let him walk to BUF or NYJ and have Hill kill you twice annually.

Dominick.1384 says to tend to Tua, Phillips, and Snowman first!

I get it he’s a top 3 WR and all and that’s great for him but I’m not really putting him at the top of the priority list. We weren’t really dying when it was just Waddle here in the first place and we now have added other offensive pieces (achene, Wright, OBJ, Jonnu). Not as dynamic without Hill yeah probably but I don’t think it kills the offense. We need to deal with Tua, holland and JP first. Hill can be dealt with next offseason his contract isn’t that much out of range that he needs a new one right this second.

VolFaninFla says no thanks!

19 wins the 2 years prior to Hill and 20 wins 2 years with him after giving up the draft and the cap to a WR- NO THANKS

sdphinsfan says don’t rush it; he needs to step up against top teams, take care of Phillips and Holland first, and asks if he can return punts again.

He’s a unique player. But I wouldn’t rush to extend him…

1. He’s great, but has only been so-so against the better teams. He has to be big time, against any team we play.

2. He’s 30…we can’t afford to tie up more money with him and be able to retain younger players like Holland and Phillips.

3. If the team could structure something that has incentives tied to production, that’s worth considering.

He could increase his value immensely if he returned some key punts, like he did in KC.

tpl only give him a new deal if there is still an out in a couple of seasons.

It depends on Miami having a replacement for Hill. Right now they do not. In next years draft Miami needs to find a WR to groom to replace Hill. If Miami can resign hill, plus give themselves an out after a couple of years, then by all mean re-sign him.

FinscallyIrresponsible ironically would like the team to show some financial responsibility.

Do NOT give Hill a new deal. He gets paid plenty and is 30. Team can cut him in 2026 if they want, with a cap savings of 45 mil and dead money of 11. If they restructure, that option gets pushed down the road.

As is usual with most questions, the verdict is somewhat split, but with the argument weighted towards either not giving Tyreek Hill a new deal or at least not doing anything with his contract until other players in need of new deals are taken care of. Thank you to each of you who took the time to answer our question of the day. We will return tomorrow evening with another question of the day.

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Title: Your Take On A Tyreek Hill Extension
Author: James McKinney

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