Royals Rundown: All-Stars, Home Run Derby, and Trade Deadline Strategy?

The writers have been dropping some bangers. Now it is our turn.

Jacob Milham and Jeremy Greco are back to talk all things Kansas City Royals! Tune in as they discuss the Royals’ recent doubleheader, the latest news on Bobby Witt Jr. joining the Home Run Derby, and what the team needs to focus on heading into the All-Star break. The duo also dives into owner John Sherman’s recent comments and what they could mean for the Royals at the trade deadline. Don’t miss out on their insights and predictions for the upcoming series against the Boston Red Sox!

00:01:49 “ Bobby Witt junior is joining the T-Mobile Home Run Derby field

00:06:38 “ Some more details on how the home run derby is being run now

00:12:10 “ The Royals have three off days this week with all star break coming up

00:15:30 “ Jeremy: I’m happier with Royals owner John Sherman than last year

00:21:13 “ Winning baseball brings fans out to the ballpark

00:25:44 “ Jeremy: I have a theory about why the Royals look good at home

00:27:35 “ With the Yankees slide, the wild card race is tightening up

00:29:31 “ The Royals take on the St. Louis Cardinals in a two-game series

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Title: Royals Rundown: All-Stars, Home Run Derby, and Trade Deadline Strategy?
Author: Jacob-Milham

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