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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/10/24.

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Ranking NFL team WR, TE, RB talent for 2024 season: Top players – ESPN+
2. Philadelphia Eagles. 2023 rank: 3 | 2022 rank: 8. What do you get for the quarterback who has everything? Jalen Hurts already had two top-end wide receivers in A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith, a solid tight end in Dallas Goedert and arguably the league’s best offensive line in front of him, even after Jason Kelce’s retirement. Hurts is a great player in his own right, of course, but the Eagles had already surrounded their star quarterback with an elite offensive core. Enter Saquon Barkley, who fills the spot in the lineup that had typically been left to players on rookie deals or low-level free agents. It’s a bit of a surprise to see the Eagles sign a 27-year-old running back with a significant injury history off a season in which he averaged 3.9 yards per carry, but he was stuck in a dismal Giants offense. His average carry was only expected to generate 3.5 yards per carry, the league’s second-toughest mark for backs with 100 carries or more last season. He generated 93 rush yards over expectation, which ranked 10th among running backs. If Philadelphia offensive coordinator Kellen Moore finds more receiving work for Barkley than prior running backs have with Hurts, Barkley can be a valuable part of the passing game, too. Barkley’s efficiency should spike in moving from one of the league’s worst rushing contexts to one of the best. My only concern there is health, given his history of ankle and knee issues. Likewise, Goedert hasn’t played a full season since his rookie year in 2018. I’m not sure how many snaps Hurts will get with Barkley, Brown, Goedert and Smith all on the field together, but my prediction is he’ll be the best quarterback in football on those plays.

The top wide receivers from the 2023 NFL season in yards per route run – PFF
8. A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles (2.52). The second half of the 2023 season was a bit more up and down for Brown, but he was utterly dominant for a six-game stretch in the first half of the year. Between Weeks 3 and 8, he led the league with 831 receiving yards, with his 3.54 yards per route run trailing only Tyreek Hill in that span.

Sleepers, Busts and Bold Predictions: The 2024 Philadelphia Eagles – FTN Fantasy
Meaney: Saquon Barkley Is the Overall RB1. All you really need to know to buy into this is the fact that Saquon Barkley was hit behind the line of scrimmage on 46% of his carries last season, and D’Andre Swift was hit on 27% of his carries, which was the lowest rate in football. The Eagles’ offensive line will still be among the best even without Jason Kelce. They also won’t need to lean on the “Tush Push” as much with Saquon in the backfield. Philadelphia general manager Howie Roseman doesn’t have a history of paying running backs, which he did with Barkley. I think he saw how the 49ers were able to get to the next level with Christian McCaffrey, and Roseman saw an opportunity to do the same. Keep in mind, Miles Sanders and Swift both finished inside the top five in rushing in each of the last two seasons. I wouldn’t really look into Saquon’s 3.9 YPC mark last season or his 3.7 showing in 2021. At times, he was the only weapon in the New York offense, and he faced a lot of stacked boxes. That won’t be the case in Philly.

’Hard Knocks’ highlights Giants’ talks with Saquon Barkley ahead of free agency: ‘Test the market’ –
Ultimately, Barkley signed a three-year, $37.75 million deal with the division rival Philadelphia Eagles. Given the running back’s clipped responses, it sounded like he knew he’d probably wind up elsewhere, with the Giants’ brass planning to stick to their number for the 27-year-old back. In upcoming episodes, we’ll see whether the Giants did, in fact, get a chance to match the Eagles’ offer and how the club, including co-owner John Mara, reacts to the departure of the former No. 2 overall pick.

The Kelce brothers invested in a light beer brand. Is it any good? We tried it. – Inquirer
Sorry, Kelces. Garage Beer was polarizing for our panel of taste testers, with one marking it as their favorite but the rest putting it at or near the bottom. One tester thought it tasted like “metal, a little chemically to me.” While many found Garage’s pale golden pour to be enticing, its taste was, at best, bland, and at worst, a slightly more expensive version of Bud Light — seeing as three out of five tasters believed it to be Bud after a few blind sips.“It’s almost sour, but you shouldn’t get that out of a light beer, because it’s not a sour obviously,” one tester said. “It’s almost like it’s been sitting in a garage, ironically, for a little longer than it should have.” The panel didn’t try the lime flavor, which D’Angelo at Ridge Pike Beverage said was his favorite.A six-pack of Garage costs $8.99, and a 15-pack costs $16.99, making it competitive with the low end of the beer market.

NFL insider says Dak Prescott could get a shorter deal with Dallas Cowboys – Blogging The Boys
Dak is often compared to Kirk Cousins, and while that concept is debatable, the two are very tied together in terms of how willing they are to risk things in the name of making more money. Cousins’ first deal away from the Washington franchise was one of a three-year variety with the Minnesota Vikings worth $84M. What was particularly notable about that deal was its historic precedent in that it was fully guaranteed. We have yet to see another quarterback touch that sort of value, but no one besides Prescott has found himself in the similar financial tango with his team the way that Cousins did. Perhaps this is something that we are looking at, but anything is obviously possible.

Hard Knocks confirms that, when it comes to press conferences, the BS is baked in – PFT
It’s never about telling the truth. It’s always about developing and sending and reinforcing a message. (That said, the truth is sometimes accidentally told, if/when the preferred message and the truth coincide.) That’s not a “right” or “wrong” thing. It’s just part of the game. On certain subjects, truth and candor creates plenty of problems. Remember this in the future. Far too often, fans and media take the things said in press conferences and interviews at face value. The Barkley remarks from Schoen prove that the bullshit is lurking anywhere and everywhere. Hell, it’s baked into the cake. It’s often one of the core ingredients.

Giants need Year 2 leap from center John Michael Schmitz – Big Blue View
That ability to make all the calls properly and know the assignments was also part of Schmitz’s pre-draft scouting report. Now, it is a matter of whether or not he can do a better job executing those assignments. A little help from his friends on both sides will go a long way toward making that happen.

The 5 O’Clock Club: Good as Gold – Hogs Haven
The team, which made the announcement Tuesday on its 92nd anniversary, has not determined in which games it will sport gold pants. The decision on pants color might be seen by some as the most trivial of issues for a sports team to consider; others, however, might place a lot of weight on it because of what it represents. Firstly, the decision to revive the gold pants might be seen as giving something back to fans that have lost so much of what they have loved and rooted for all their lives. Secondly, it tends to show that the owners and executives of the team are listening and are prepared to respond, doing what’s possible in the short term while the bigger, harder-to-accomplish items get sorted out.

Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson staring down dubious NFL record – SB Nation
Both Wilson and Rodgers are at risk of setting another NFL record for quarterbacks, and a dubious one at that. When Tarkenton stepped away from the game, he left the NFL behind having been sacked 570 times. That mark still stands as the most a QB has ever been sacked over his career. Tom Brady’s longevity has him second on that list with 565 career sacks taken, and Ben Roethlisberger sits third, with 554. In fourth? Rodgers, who has been sacked 531 times over his 19-year career. Wilson is right behind Rodgers in fifth, with 527 sacks. Given their history, both passers could reach Tarkenton’s dubious mark this season.

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Title: The Linc – Eagles rank second in combined WR/TE/RB talent
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