Rumors, speculation abound (again) that Jeff Bezos could buy the Seahawks

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His recent liquidation of Amazon stock suggests something may be happening behind the scenes.

After offloading Amazon stock twice over the last year, and more recently for $5 billion, freeing up approximately $13.5 billion in cash, Jeff Bezos seemingly has his sights set on a rather sizable purchase.

Many assumed that he would be in on the sweepstakes to purchase the Washington Commanders last year, but with that opportunity having passed, rumors have continued swirling, connecting the multi-billionaire founder of Amazon to the potential sale of the Seattle Seahawks. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, but the Seahawks have recently been valued at $5 billion. Also worth mentioning, is the clause that would see 10% of the sale price go to the state of Washington if the team were to be sold prior to May 2024 has expired.

The timing seems ripe for Jody Allen and the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation to make a move, and from an historical context, few suitors make more sense than Jeff Bezos. Amazon’s exclusive rights to Thursday Night Football could certainly be called into question as some sort of conflict of interest, but ultimately that, and any transfer of ownership, would be up to the NFL League owners to decide if Bezos were to put in a formal offer for the Seahawks.

Reported interest in purchasing the Seahawks dates as far back as 2019, one year after the death of Paul Allen. In more recent times, a Washington Post report noted that “Bezos knows that Seattle is sitting there,” with the context that the Commanders were ultimately sold to a group led by Josh Harris.

This is also just me speculating wildly, but the timing seems serendipitous with the murmurings of an NBA expansion which would likely see the return of an NBA team to Seattle. Jeff Bezos isn’t exactly well-known for avoiding ostentation, and purchasing the Seattle Seahawks and bringing the NBA back to Seattle in one fell swoop would most certainly be a power move. I think it’s unlikely that any move by Bezos to purchase the Seahawks from Vale Group (formerly Vulcan Inc) would include the Portland Trail Blazers, but being the proud founding owner of a shiny new Seattle NBA franchise seems compelling. I should note, I do think it’s less than likely that Jeff Bezos tackles NFL and NBA ownership simultaneously, but it’s fun to speculate. Personally, I’m having a hard time imagining a better scenario for Seattle sports.

It should be noted that the last public statement from Vale Group regarding a potential sale came in June 2023, when Vice President of Communications Jason Hunke said that neither the Seahawks nor the Trail Blazers is currently for sale. He added “that will eventually change pursuant to Paul’s wishes, but there is no pre-ordained timeline for when that will happen. Interested parties can engage when we establish a sales process at some point in the future.”

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Title: Rumors, speculation abound (again) that Jeff Bezos could buy the Seahawks
Author: Geoff Leediker

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