The Value of Things: Texans Key Players— Brevin Jordan

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Could the mercurial tight end take a major step forward?

When a team is loaded with talent, it can be difficult to identify key players around the edges. We aren’t talking about major cogs here. We have identified a backup running back, a backup wide receiver, and a fringe starter on the offensive line as potential key players for the team next season.

These aren’t the kind of players that make the difference between being a playoff team or not. The main guys are going to be the guys that do that. These are the guys that could make a difference between a second round playoff exit (yet again) and a trip to the AFC championship game. They are the guys that make those one or two key plays in crucial moments that put you over the top.

The Houston Texans drafted Cade Stover and re-signed Dalton Schultz. That alone should tell you what they think of Jordan so far. There have been flashes. In his rookie season he suddenly came on the scene late in the year to produce some good numbers down the stretch. Last season he had that tantalizingly brilliant touchdown against the Cleveland Browns in the playoffs. There just haven’t been enough of those moments to turn the position over to him.

The Genesis of a Nickname

The numbers speak for themselves here. One of the things all of the sports reference sites do is break down numbers into digestible chunks so we can see how a player does situationally. Here is where Jordan sits by month as a receiver. See if you notice something significant.

September: 7 receptions, 48 yards, 1 TD
October: 6 receptions, 71 yards, 1 TD
November: 8 receptions, 53 yards, 1 TD
December: 28 receptions, 324 yards, 2 TD
January: 2 receptions, 29 yards, 0 TD

That is why we have labeled Jordan as Mr. December around these parts. Keep in mind that this is over the course of three seasons. So, even if we combine all of the other months we get to 23 receptions and 196 yards with 3 TD, I suppose if you want someone to dominate a month of football you could pick worse months than December. Teams make their playoff push that month.

I’m not sure that dominating one month is enough to keep a guy afloat. The Texans have needs across the roster and when you have 53 slots available to you, you need players that offer you at least one thing that others can’t. Jordan is not much of a blocker. Will Stover be a better one? What does Teagan Quitioriano (or Unspellable) offer that other tight ends won’t?

A Roster Crunch

Most organizations carry between three and four tight ends on the regular roster. We know Dalton Schultz and Cade Stover are two of those guys. That leaves one definite slot left. If you look at the San Francisco 49ers offense and Bobby Slowik in year one, it is pretty clear that he wants to throw multiple formations at the defense. He can easily go three and four wide receivers with who he has on the roster. He can throw out a fullback or an H back with the running back in the backfield. Now, he can easily throw out multiple tight ends as well. Could Jordan be one of those?

The touchdown against the Browns in the playoffs demonstrated that Jordan might have more speed and athleticism than the other tight ends. The ability to stretch the field from different positions is a huge advantage in the NFL. Still, all 11 spots are the field are coveted. Each player must offer something that makes the offense more successful and dynamic.

A tight end that can’t really block is limited. He doesn’t need to catch 50 balls to be successful, but he needs to do more than what he has done. That is 51 catches in three seasons. If he can land in the 25-30 catch territory he could justify his roster spot and make those one or two key plays that propel this team one more spot further. If he continues to spin his wheels he could end up being a camp casualty. Either way, it’s make or break time for Brevin Jordan.

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Title: The Value of Things: Texans Key Players— Brevin Jordan
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