Ranking the Broncos’ 2024 opponents from toughest to easiest

The Denver Broncos’ 2024 schedule arrived earlier this offseason and it features the 13th-easiest strength of schedule based on 2023 records. 

The toughest opponents on Denver’s 2024 schedule based on 2023 records are the Baltimore Ravens (13-4), Cleveland Browns (11-6) and Kansas City Chiefs (11-6). The easiest opponent (on paper) is the Carolina Panthers (2-15). 

You can view the team’s complete schedule with dates and times here. Today, we’re listing the Broncos’ 14 opponents ranked by difficulty. 

Making projections based purely on last season’s records is obviously a faulty exercise because rosters change every offseason. So we’ve ranked Denver’s upcoming opponents subjectively based on how we expect the teams to stack up this fall. 

The hardest road game is a tossup between a trip to face the Baltimore Ravens and the team’s annual trek to Arrowhead Stadium. The hardest home game is a showdown with the Browns. 

Upsets happen nearly every week in the NFL, so no game is expected to be “easy” this fall, but this is how we rank the Broncos’ opponents in 2024.

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Ranking the Broncos’ 2024 opponents from toughest to easiest

Author: Jon Heath

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