Marshawn Lynch’s acting career is gaining massive momentum

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Is Marshawn Lynch the next great NFL player turned actor?

You heard it here first, folks: highly loved former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch and briefly hyped ex-Seahawk Brian Bosworth are teaming up. Not on the field, of course (as Marshawn’s brief stint as a Raiders running back would surely awaken some horrible Bo Jackson flashbacks), but on the screen. What? What year is this? Brian Bosworth is still acting? Apparently, but that’s not my point. My point is that Marshawn is killing it.

The aforementioned Brian Bosworth and Marshawn Lynch vehicle (such a weird thing to type) is called “Signing Day.” It’s a football comedy starring Mira Sorvino and Brad Carter that focuses on college recruitment in the South. And Marshawn DOESN’T play himself. According to the Internet Movie Database, he plays a guy named Eugene Ledford. Bosworth plays a guy named Dale. It’s slated to be released in Fall 2024.

Speaking of upcoming movies, Marshawn also has four more coming – in addition to “Signing Day.” Currently in production is a film titled “Eenie Meanie,” where Marshawn plays a character named Perm Walters. He’s also acting in an Eddie Murphy, Eva Longoria, Pete Davidson comedy – called “The Pickup” – that’s currently in post-production, a Universal Pictures action film titled “With Love” that’s set to be released in 2025, and he’s currently in pre-production for a movie titled “He Bled Neon,” which according to Deadline, is an “early Cannes market buzz project.” Is this the beginning of a Marshawn Lynch renaissance? If so, I’m here for it.

Marshawn has been acting for some time, of course. A quick trip to IMDB reveals that he began his acting journey in 2013 in a not-rated, widely-panned movie titled “Matt’s Chance.” He played a character named Massive Goon 1 (Gary Busey and Lee Majors are in it, too, though, so I’m gonna have to watch it). In the TV world, his acting was probably most impressive in his role as Giggles in “Westworld.” But his cameos in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “The League” are legendary – especially his post Super Bowl 49 commercial for The League. Marshawn pokes fun at Pete Carroll for calling a pass instead of a run on the one-yard line (I can’t talk about it, but watch the commercial; it’s perfect).

Recently, Marshawn played an inappropriately sensitive coach named Mr. G in a comedy called “Bottoms.” It came out last year and stars Ayo Edebiri from “The Bear.” You can stream it on Prime Video right now.

He’s certainly been having fun, but having five films lined up is truly impressive – even for a superstar actor. On IMDB, Tom Cruise has five announced, Gosling has two, and Daniel Day-Lewis has none. Could Marshawn be the next Tom Cruise? He could be the next Terry Crews. Terry Crews doesn’t have five movies lined up, but he works a helluva lot. Most notably in “The Expendables,” “Idiocracy,” and as Lieutenant Terry Jeffords in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

Who else’s footsteps might Marshawn Lynch follow in? Carl Weathers might be the most impressive actor of the bunch, but he wasn’t much of an NFL player. Terry Bradshaw was pretty awesome in “The Cannonball Run” and “Smokey and the Bandit 2.” Jim Brown, of course, quit football to star in “The Dirty Dozen.” Bubba Smith was brawny as all hell in “Police Academy,” and John Matuszak should have won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Sloth Fratelli in “The Goonies.” Of course, there’s a lot more out there (including the guy from “Capricorn One” and “The Naked Gun” series), but I see Beast Mode (Hollywood Mode?) running past them all. Who’s gonna stop him? And who else am I missing?

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Title: Marshawn Lynch’s acting career is gaining massive momentum
Author: Gavin Feek

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