Bradley Bozeman speaks on transition to LA, playing for the Harbaugh brothers and Greg Roman

Chargers center Bradley Bozeman shared his thoughts on coming to Los Angeles and playing under a new coaching staff, specifically head coach Jim Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Greg Roman. 

“It’s been really good jumping into this offense and be able to really lock it down,” Bozeman said. “Things are different here but in the best of ways possible. We’re grinding, we’re working hard and we’re doing things the right way. 

That’s going to pay off this season. I’ve just enjoyed everything we’ve done. I’ve been a part of systems where your offseason is a little smoother and they aren’t as hard but then it doesn’t pay off in the season. You really get out what you put into it and we’ve put in a lot of really good work.”

Although he’s in a new city, Bozeman is familiar with his offensive coordinator as well as the Harbaugh philosophy, thanks to his time playing with the Ravens, where he spent the first four seasons of his career. 

“I played under G-Ro for four years in Baltimore so I know what he’s about and what he likes to do,” Bozeman said. “I have familiarity with [Chargers offensive line coach Mike] Devlin and a bunch of the coaches over here. 

And I know what the Harbaugh family is about and how hard-nosed they are and how they are winners. I want to win a Super Bowl and do a lot of really great things. We’re only given a sliver of time to play football and I want to maximize my opportunity.”

Bozeman exudes the mentality of every player on the team—get a ring. This is no surprise since he’s played under a Harbaugh already. 

“I know that Jim played the game at a professional level so maybe some of the viewpoints change a little. But other than that, I think they’re both great coaches. I’m excited to have played under both of them and are excited to see what we can do this season.”

If it wasn’t clear before, it definitely is: Bozeman is a good fit for the Bolts because he understands the Harbaugh philosophy and Roman’s offensive scheme. 

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Title: Bradley Bozeman speaks on transition to LA, playing for the Harbaugh brothers and Greg Roman
Author: Valentina Martinez

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