No news is good news on Brandon Aiyuk contract talks

The 49ers are closing in on the opening of training camp and the soft deadline for a Brandon Aiyuk contract extension. As early July becomes mid-July, no news will continue to be good news on the Aiyuk contract front.

Social media posts aside, that nothing substantial has really happened between San Francisco and its star receiver is probably the best-case scenario given how the 49ers operate in these negotiations. They’re willing to wait and make a deal closer to the start of training camp.

At the July 8 point of the calendar (or anywhere in that vicinity), the only news would likely be something like a trade request or negotiations being cut off until next offseason.

Aiyuk’s social media posts aside, the fact we haven’t gotten any news out of Santa Clara is a sign that things are what the 49ers would consider ‘normal.’

To be clear, no news doesn’t mean a deal is happening. There’s still a chance a deal doesn’t get done and that Aiyuk will go into the final year of his rookie contract with no extension. No news just means nothing atypical has happened and history tells us the two sides are still be on track to come to an agreement that keeps Aiyuk in San Francisco long-term. That’ll be the case until some sort of news indicates otherwise.

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Title: No news is good news on Brandon Aiyuk contract talks
Author: Kyle Madson

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