All 32 NFL teams (including Cowboys) ranked by their offensive line

An NFL offense is only as good as the offensive line. Trench warfare is the where the real battles occur and if an offense can’t protect their quarterback, the passing game doesn’t have a chance to develop as the thrower can’t scan the field and downfield routes don’t have the time to develop. In addition, running games are predicated on getting the ball carrier as far past the line of scrimmage before first concept and any weakness in the chain-link fence can remove possibilities before the back gets his feet moving.

The Dallas Cowboys have had a mediocre line of late, with star power integrated with lesser talent surrounding them. There’s been no greater testament to “only as good as the weakest link” than the Dallas OL. Mike Solari’s techniques didn’t catch all that well with last year’s group, with 2024 representing Year 2 of the transition.

ESPN’s Mike Clay has released his 2024 projections, including ranking every offensive line group in the NFL. Where does Dallas’ offensive line rank among the rest of the league as training camps bear down?

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Title: All 32 NFL teams (including Cowboys) ranked by their offensive line
Author: K.D. Drummond

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