Trio of Rockies channeling their Big Dad Energy heading into the 2024 All-Star Game

Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants
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Ryan McMahon, Brenton Doyle and Ezequiel Tovar are all young dads looking to become first-time All-Stars

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and father figures out there!

Numerous Rockies players have kids of their own, but there are three who could also join the ranks of All-Star this year. Ryan McMahon joined the first-time dads club when he and his wife welcomed their first child — a daughter named Austyn — in February.

“Your whole world gets flipped upside down but in a great way,” McMahon said, “so I’m just enjoying all of it right now.”

And his life has changed both on and off the field.

“There’s a lot more responsibility,” he chuckled, “and the bad games are easier to shake off and go home when you’ve got this smiling baby looking at you. So it’s just given me some good perspective each day.”

On the field, he thinks becoming a dad has made him “more accountable.”

“I’ll catch myself sometimes, like ‘if I’m going to tell my daughter she needs to give 110%, then I’d better be doing it too,” he said. “So it’s holding me a little more accountable, but my wife [Natalie] and I are just enjoying the ride.”

And that accountability is showing up on the playing field. McMahon is having a career year, ranking in the top three among NL third basemen in nearly every offensive and defensive category. If all goes well, he might very well become a first-time All-Star in July.

Ezequiel Tovar and his wife, Laura, had a very special Father’s Day in 2023 when they welcomed their son, Luciano, last June.

“It’s one of the coolest experiences I’ve been part of, and one of the best things that I have going on,” Tovar said. “I use him as motivation to continue to play and I use him as motivation to do what I can.”

Tovar also has a tattoo of his son’s name written in cursive ink on his left biceps.

“It’s always nice to have that support.”

And the support has helped Tovar go to the next level of his game. He leads NL and MLB shortstops in nearly every category heading to the Midsummer Classic.

Of the potential Rockies’ All-Star trio, Brenton Doyle is the veteran on the “dad squad.” He and his wife, Rose, welcomed daughter Braelynn in July 2021.

“It’s amazing,” Doyle beamed. “Even after a bad game, I get to go home and see her smile and call me daddy. It just flushes it away and honestly helps me in a lot of situations. Sometimes when I’m on the road and I have a bad game and some of those nights get harder… just to have her around whenever she and my wife can be out is a huge help for me and my game, especially my mental side.”

Doyle has been a dad for nearly three years, but still says his favorite moments are just “every day.” And hopefully his wife and daughter are able to join him in Texas in mid-July now that his offensive, defensive and mental sides are all seemingly coming together.

Ryan McMahon is starting to make his own memories with his young daughter. Austyn is about four months old, but McMahon said she’s starting to recognize “what we’re doing with our faces and imitating it, so I’ve been trying to teach her fart noises just to get her moving.”

“So I’ll stick my tongue out and blow and make like the fart noises and then I’ll watch her stick her tongue out and try to do it, so it’s just so fun,” he said, grinning ear to ear.

And McMahon can pull on his own experiences with his dad, Jim, as he navigates this new chapter.

“My dad and I were always doing baseball together,” McMahon said. “I was always making him catch me or pitch to me. We did a lot of practice, but I’ve got a lot of other good memories. We’d play basketball inside, we’d always wrestle him — it would be us three kids against him. And he had this little mole on his back. We called it his monster button and we’d push it and he’d turn into a monster. Those are probably my favorite ones.”

For his wife’s first Mothers Day, he treated her to a special day despite the Rockies leaving that evening to San Diego. But he’s looking forward to his first Fathers Day.

“I don’t even know what to expect,” he said. “We’ll see if I’m feeling different, but it’s I think it’s a good day to celebrate.”

Hopefully one (or all three) of these young dads can add “Rockies All-Star” to their resumes very soon!

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Title: Trio of Rockies channeling their Big Dad Energy heading into the 2024 All-Star Game
Author: Samantha Bradfield

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