Trouble In Paradise?

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Where is Haason Reddick?

The New York Jets moved on from two young veteran players in Bryce Huff and John Franklin-Myers this year, essentially to trade for edge rusher Haason Reddick of the Eagles. Huff and Franklin-Myers were both valuable assets for the Jets defense, but Joe Douglas decided to go in a different direction in 2024.

The bad news is Reddick has not been to the Jets facility since passing his entrance physical to work out with the team so far this offseason. This is troubling even though OTAs are not mandatory. Reddick forfeited a $250,000 workout bonus in his contract by staying away from the facility. No one in their right mind loses a quarter of a million dollars for working out in shorts unless there is an underlying reason for doing so. Reddick wants a new contract plain and simple.

This is an issue that Joe Douglas should have been aware of since he knows the Eagles well.

This is a portion of an Athletic article from March 26th titled “Will Haason Reddick be on the roster to begin the 2024 season?”

Roseman never offered a comment about Reddick’s future. In declining “to talk about anyone’s contract situation,” the official word on the fate of Reddick, arguably the Eagles’ best defensive player over the last two seasons, remains ambiguous.

It’s clear Reddick wants a new contract. He’s entering the final season of a three-year, $45 million deal that he’s statistically outperformed. The $15 million annual average ranks 18th among all edge rushers, according to Over the Cap.

It’s unclear which team, if not the Eagles, will award Reddick the value he seeks — an equation that currently factors the assets it will also cost to trade for him. The Eagles made it known in February that Reddick is on the trading block. This essentially allowed him to seek interest from another team, Which he denied he requested and simultaneously allowed the Eagles to gauge the market value of a productive pass rusher who will turn 30 in September.

The Eagles traded Reddick to the Jets for a 2026 third-round selection that can become a second-round pick if Reddick plays 67.5% of the defensive snaps in 2024. The Eagles then signed Bryce Huff as a UFA to a $51.1 million contract with $34 million guaranteed.

Huff is 26 years old. In 2023 he had 10 sacks (according to Pro Football Reference) on 334 pass rush snaps, with a pass rushing grade of 86.8 from PFF.

Reddick will be 30 years old in September. In 2023 he had 11 sacks (according to Pro Football Reference) on 557 pass rush snaps, with a pass rushing grade of 75.2 from PFF.

The past four seasons Reddick has played with the Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers and Philadelphia Eagles. You have to wonder why a productive player at a premium position has played with three teams in four years and soon to be four teams in five years?

It doesn’t help that the New York Giants recently traded for Brian Burns (from Carolina) who is also 26 years old (like Huff), then signed him to a five year, $141 million contract. Burns had eight sacks in 2023 on 379 pass rush snaps, with an identical pass rush grade (75.2) as Reddick by PFF.

Of course, the Jets have recited the normal platitudes, with Robert Saleh stating when asked about Reddick: “I’m focused on the guys who are here. Haason’s a pro, he’s been in this league for a while. He’s produced at a very high level for a long time. He’s got his routine. If it makes people feel better, we know where he’s at, we know what he’s doing.”

If Reddick does not show up for mandatory minicamp on June 11th through 13th, he could be fined more than $50,000, but given the fact that Reddick already forfeited $250,000 to miss OTAs I don’t see that as an incentive for Reddick to show up.

Reddick has not commented publicly on the subject and has denied any interview requests from the media.

This is a situation that definitely should have been handled before the Jets traded for Reddick. This appears to be a trade that Joe Douglas made without talking to Reddick ahead of time. The Giants did so when they traded for Brian Burns and he agreed to a new contract immediately. Sometimes you just throw your hands up in the air at some of the ineptitude of this team.

This is exactly what the Jets don’t need.

What do you think?

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Title: Trouble In Paradise?
Author: Super Human

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