Where do the Ravens rank among 32 NFL teams in business metrics?

T.S. Eliot famously said that “April is the cruelest month,” but in the NFL, it’s simply the most transactional. Wheeling and dealing abound before and during the NFL draft, and free-agent moves proliferate. This is where how strong your brand is, how powerful your revenue streams are, and how smart your front office is determines the wins and losses.

You have to have solid financial fundamentals to compete in today’s National Football League, so let’s get down to business and look at where the Baltimore Ravens reside on some of the critical business-oriented lists.

Forbes Valuation List

The good news is that the Ravens are valued at $4.63 billion, which is good for the 28th most valuable sports franchise, according to Forbes. The bad news is that there are 16 NFL franchises ranked ahead of them, so league-wise, they’re only in the middle of the pack.

Sportico, NFL Revenue Rankings

The most recent rankings are from 2022, which saw the Ravens come in 14th, at $120 million in operating profits per year. That’s a pretty sweet setup, though, for owner Stephen Bisciotti, who became majority owner of the team in 2004.

Brand Finance Power Rankings marketing index

In this company’s “Brand Directory” power rankings that are issued annually, the Ravens came in 22nd in the NFL for 2023. Not very good, but hey, at least they moved up two spots from 2022. A brand is really a subjective idea, though. It is more about about emotions and feelings than it is dollars and cents.

OLGB Various Lists

This publication produced a multitude of exciting sports business rankings for the franchises that were ranked in Forbes’ top 50. However, they only went 10 deep on each list, and the Ravens showed up on just one list: the most affordable jerseys. According to OLGB, the Ravens jersey is tied for the fourth cheapest jersey, per official club sites, at $99.99 per pop.

Social Media Reach

In their methodology, OLGB utilized a couple of sites that provide some additional fascinating insights. According to In Beat, the Ravens official Instagram page, which has 2.13 million followers, earns between $18,400-$24,800 per IG post. They also average 31,200 likes per post, and boast an engagement rate of 1.48%. The account is rated to be at “Mega Influencer” level.

Elsewhere, TikCalculator claims the Ravens’ TikTok page earns $2,702.94 per post. They have 1.7 million followers and 766 videos. Data on where the Ravens rank on these metrics among their NFL peers was not provided.

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Title: Where do the Ravens rank among 32 NFL teams in business metrics?
Author: paulbanks

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