Phinsider Question Of The Day: Who’s Untouchable Edition

2024 NFL Pro Bowl Games
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The news that the Buffalo Bills were trading star wideout Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans got me thinking. While Diggs had ruffled some feathers in Buffalo and was probably an obvious tradeable commodity, there are players on many teams that are considered “untouchable,” meaning that pretty much any trade offer would be rejected because replacing that level of talent at that position is nearly impossible. Most of the time, that designation applies to a team’s “franchise quarterback” if they, in fact, have one, and for others, it might be a defensive stud, aka the kind of player that can single-handedly change a game. But what about our Miami Dolphins? Do we have any of those players? The kind that you would not trade for anything or that would take the kind of trade offer that you just could not say no to?

So tonight’s question of the day is which player(s) on the current Miami Dolphins roster do you consider “untouchable” or nearly untouchable?

Please share your thoughts and answers in the comments section below-

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Title: Phinsider Question Of The Day: Who’s Untouchable Edition
Author: James McKinney

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