Giants Reacts Survey: Should Brian Daboll call the plays in 2024?

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Who should call the offense in 2024?

News has come fast and furious for the New York Giants this offseason.

We’ve had our hands full keeping track of the Giants on the scouting trail in preparation for the 2024 NFL Draft. Their coaching staff and top decision makers criss-crossing the country to personally scout top prospects, and it’s made news every time they’ve popped up.

Head coach Brian Daboll also made some news at the NFL league meetings at the end of March. Speaking to reporters, he mentioned that there were instances on the sidelines during 2023 that he wished he had handled differently in the heat of the moment. He was also asked whether he would take over play calling duties in 2024. He was ambiguous in his response, saying,

“I’ve been doing a bunch of research. But no decision’s been made. I’m still going through that process and thinking about what we need to do,” he said.

“Whatever I feel is best for the football team, that’s where we’ll go.”

The questions about Daboll’s role in the execution of the offense comes in the context of a drama-filled off-season for the Giants. First there was the firing of Thomas McGaughey and Bobby Johnson, then the very public (and messy) divorce between the Giants and Wink Martindale, and finally with questions as to whether or not Mike Kafka would remain with the team. There were rumors that he too was unhappy and the Seattle Seahawks not only interviewed him for their head coach vacancy twice, but also requested an interview for their own offensive coordinator opening. While the Giants couldn’t do anything about Kafka interviewing for a head coaching job, they denied the interview for offensive coordinator.

The drama all ultimately stems from the fact that the Giants were highly disappointing in 2023, following a surprisingly successful 2022 season.

Kafka was widely praised for how his play calling — and the Giants’ offense in general — exploited opponents’ tendencies in 2022 season. That was flipped on its head in 2023 as many of the Giants’ opponents were able to exploit the Giants’ own tendencies on offense. Daboll was speculated to have taken the reins of the offense at times during the 2023 season, though that has never been confirmed.

So with all that in mind, we want to know: Should Brian Daboll take over play calling in 2024? Should Kafka be relegated to being an eye in the sky for Daboll on the sideline? Or should Daboll continue to delegate play calling to Kafka while he manages the game as a whole as a “CEO” style head coach?

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Title: Giants Reacts Survey: Should Brian Daboll call the plays in 2024?
Author: Chris Pflum

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