Breaking down big board at Packers positions of need

Daniel Jeremiah of recently released the fourth edition of Big Board, where he ranks the prospects from 1 through 50 regardless of what position they play.

From the Packers’ perspective, there is some good news when it pertains to needs they still have to fill. This is a loaded class along the offensive line and a good cornerback group as well. On the flip side, safety and linebacker aren’t very deep.

But with that said, what GM Brian Gutekunst and the Packers have right now is flexibility. With five picks in the top 100 and an already well-constructed roster, Gutekunst can be patient and let the board come to him rather than feeling like he has to address a certain position at a specific point in the draft. This many draft picks also gives the Packers the ability to move around – whether that be up or down – as well.

“I’ll tell you what Ted Thompson always told us and always believed, and we still believe,” said Gutekunst, “we have no idea what our needs are going to be six months from now. Particularly with the college draft, we go into that trying to take the best players available. I think subconsciously needs come into play, and certainly, if you have guys rated equally, where you might have some need at that moment, it could come into play. But again, where we are going to sit in September, October, and November could be completely different. We look at it more holistically and try to get the best players we can.”

With plenty of options in play for the Packers within the first three-rounds of this year’s draft, here are Jeremiah’s top prospects at some of those key positions.

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Title: Breaking down big board at Packers positions of need
Author: Paul Bretl

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