Prospect Profile: Mike Sainristil, CB, Michigan

Mike Sainristil

Mike Sainristil

CB Michigan 5-9 182 SR #0

ARM LENGTH: 30 7/8”//HAND SIZE: 8 1/2”//40YD: 4.47 (78%)//10YD: 1.54 (84%)
VJ: 40” (95%)//BJ: 10’11” (96%)//BP: 14 (62%)//SS: 4.01 (95%)//3C: 6.99 (61%)

Projection: Starting slot CB in a Zone heavy scheme. Draft Projection: Round 2 (NFL Mock Draft Database)

Ravens Fit: The Ravens are always on the lookout for tough and athletic CBs and Sainristil fits this bill perfectly. He’s a slot CB only so doesn’t have the ideal versatility that the Ravens would look for out of their Defensive Backs and while he would get on the field, with the Ravens he would likely be competing with Kyle Hamilton for playing time, a battle that wouldn’t go well for him. He’s a great fit for the Ravens apart from his lack of versatility, and certainly has the football IQ, toughness and tackling prowess that they need. But, as he wouldn’t likely get on the field in nickel situations, the Ravens would need to spend a Day 2 pick on a guy that wouldn’t get enough snaps to warrant the investment.
Overall Fit 4/5


Plays almost exclusively in the slot and most often in Zone.


At the line of scrimmage when jamming in press man, he doesn’t have a plan with his hands and just hangs them out there, so most WRs will quickly clear their hands. However, in press without a jam and soft press, he has excellent footwork and explosion to match angles, and it’s difficult to win early against him when he’s up in your face because of this. He spends the majority of his time in off or bail and ends up in an underneath Zone. He thrives in Zone coverage when he’s able to sit back, periph the WRs and read the Quarterback. He trusts his eyes, reacts to danger in his Zone, & has great click and close using his processing and explosive ability to move quickly on anything thrown in front of him. When he’s mirroring in man coverage, he can use his explosion and his hip mobility to compete against most competition and on most routes. His transitions are very good, he opens his hips to run with the receiver, and his acceleration out of the transition is excellent. He covers most vertical routes with ease thanks to his athleticism. However, he does not read Wide Receivers at a high level in Man, and could react more quickly to the break from the WR on in-breaking routes.

He can be set up by Wide Receivers with good salesmanship, especially on intermediate routes where he can be sold on the deep route, and he is also liable to bite on double moves. When in Zone he is a dangerous weapon and as a former Wide Receiver, he’s a threat to pick the ball off and to score. He is also an excellent open field tackler and will take on all types of ball carrier in the open field. He’s able to come under control and reacts quickly to change of direction. He makes form tackles and will often throw his body at bigger ball carriers with little regard for himself, the only aim being to get the man to the ground which he does at a very high rate. When in Man, his ball skills for pass breakups are good, and his hands are accurate and well timed, but against savvier WRs with bigger bodies and who know how to use them to protect the ball, his lack of length can mean he doesn’t get a piece of the ball, even when in phase. When locked up downfield and the throw is accurate, he needs to do a better job of finding the football.

Run Support

Ridiculously effective and willing defender in run support. He’s quick to read run/pass and gets involved immediately. Sticks his nose in where it’s not wanted and goes after the football. He plays with great play strength against bigger blockers and can get under, through or around blocks to make a play on the ball carrier. He often looks like a Linebacker filling the gap in the box. He will shoot into the backfield, is dangerous as a blitzer and can be used as a general defensive weapon.

Tough, athletic, high IQ Zone defender who makes plays on the football. Ferocious hitter for his size and takes on anyone in the run game. Has some deficiencies in man coverage. Slot-only.

SR: 2 Sacks, 42 To. Tackles, 2 FF, 6 PBUs, 6 INT
JR: 2 Sacks, 3 QB Hits, 57 To.Tackles, 6 PBUs, 1 INT
Injury: None

Athleticism 5
Intelligence 4
Versatility 3
Grit 5
Scheme 5

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Title: Prospect Profile: Mike Sainristil, CB, Michigan
Author: James Ogden

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