Former Colt, Vontae Davis, had some extremely memorable moments throughout his career

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Vontae Davis came into his own with the Colts as he seized an opportunity out of a difficult situation.

Former Indianapolis Colt, Vontae Davis, passed away on Monday in South Florida at the age of 35. Colts Nation and the football community at large is saddened by the news of such a tragic event. While the details of his passing are still unknown, it doesn’t change the fact that he is gone too soon. Just because he is gone, however, it doesn’t mean that he is forgotten by his family, friends, and all those who supported and watched him grow and develop during his time wearing the horseshoe.

Davis came to the Colts in the most unusual of ways. Before the start of the 2012 season, the Colts sent a second round draft pick and conditional sixth round pick to acquire the talented but inconsistent defensive back from the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins knew he had the talent to be great, but they weren’t seeing what they needed to believe he would harness his true potential. The Colts were in desperate need of help in the secondary, and Davis was seen as just what the doctor ordered.

The trade itself wasn’t unusual. It was the fact that Davis was traded on Hard Knocks that made it next level. Complete shock would adequately described Davis’ reaction to finding out he had been traded. With tears welling up in his eyes, he simply wanted to reach out and call his grandmother, unable to fully process the news. After finding out he was traded for picks to Indianapolis, Davis left to board a plane.

The NFL is a business, and fans are treated to an inside look at that business through the Hard Knocks series. For us, it was good television. For Davis, this was his life and a potentially embarrassing moment broadcasted for the world to see. This intimate moment was no longer intimate, but instead of letting it keep him down, Davis went on to shine with the Colts. He recorded 13 interceptions, became the team’s best defender in coverage, was selected to two Pro Bowls, and realized much of his potential in his time with the Colts.

At the end of his career, Davis became notoriously known for his halftime retirement. During a week two game with the Buffalo Bills, Davis felt he should no longer play in the NFL, so he abruptly retired in the middle of the game with no notice. He was mentally done. As shocking and unheard of as that move was, for Davis, that was the end of the line.

Vontae Davis will live on in moments like these. Some good. Some not so good. That is what people are, though. We are made up of the collection of all of our actions. Regardless of what you remember him for, his time came too soon. We wish all those associated with Vontae the very best as they cope with their grief. He will always be a Colt.

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Title: Former Colt, Vontae Davis, had some extremely memorable moments throughout his career
Author: Jon Spradley

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