Weekend Rumblings – News for March 30, 2024

Minnesota Twins v. Kansas City Royals
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Be .500.

Vahe Gregorian writes that the Royals have to avoid getting buried to start the year.

Each counts the same, as manager Matt Quatraro put it before the game, because “it’s not like college football where people vote for you. You either win or you lose, right? And we’ve got 162 of those …

“Obviously, you want to get off to a really good start. But you can’t get past ‘one game at a time,’” he said. “So as boring as that answer is, I truly believe that.”

That’s both the beauty and the beast of a season that will be laden with peaks and pitfalls and moments to cherish and to erase.

Sam McDowell writes why the Royals will be better than they showed on Opening Day.

To be sure, even the players who were here a year ago — only seven of them were part of the Royals’ 2023 opening day roster, if you can believe that — can take ownership of their part in it.

But for a team that lost 106 games last year, nothing matters more than the change in personnel. It’s even more important than the talent itself. And the Royals have a heck of a lot more of it, in the place that matters most.

He also questions why we still don’t have full details for the downtown stadium plan.

To be clear: We’re still waiting to see the Royals’ full hand.

The downtown baseball park proposal lacks the fine print of several items — requiring that voters trust they will be content with what they only later learn. It is absent a clear financial picture or the full impact the Crossroads location will have on the businesses already occupying that district, among other items.

Our wait to learn the exact city and state contributions toward the stadiums will extend past voting day, and the Royals project in particular will require some help downtown, you’d certainly think. What kind of help? How much? From whom? A public shoulder shrug.

The Star editorial board endorses a “No” vote on the ballot measure.

There is still time for Jackson Countians to calmly consider well-reasoned, transparent proposals for the two franchises that play here. The current leases don’t expire until 2031. We urge county officials, including Jackson County Executive Frank White, to commit to new negotiations if voters say no Tuesday.

We want the Royals and Chiefs to stay here forever. We think that’s possible. But we don’t think voters should hand the teams millions for stadiums without a much clearer understanding of what the money will be used for, where it will come from and why it’s necessary.

CBS Sports lists a potential breakout prospect for each team.

Kansas City Royals: OF Gavin Cross

Cross impressed so much during his junior season at Virginia Tech that the Royals selected him with the ninth pick. He had a miserable first full professional season, but we’re willing to give him something of a pass after he revealed that he was dealing with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. This could amount to something of a make-or-break season for Cross. We’re hoping for a happy development.

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt makes his case for the stadium tax.

Eleanor Nash at the Star writes about what would happen next if the ballot measure passes or fails.

Schools and libraries are concerned about a potential loss of property tax revenues if the Royals move to the Crossroads.

How will local government officials vote on the ballot measure?

The Angels sign former Royals pitcher Amir Garrett to a minor league contract.

The Dodgers sign pitcher Drew Pomeranz to a minor league contract.

The Cubs sign catcher Curt Casali to a minor league contract.

Benches clear at Mets Opening Day after Rhys Hoskins slides hard into second baseman Jeff McNeil.

The number of international players on opening day rosters is at its lowest level since 2016.

The players who made terrific Opening Day debuts with the new teams.

A’s fans protest the team’s relocation by watching the game in the parking lot.

Catcher Will Smith is the latest Dodgers player with a deferred compensation contract.

Baseball America lists the non-top 100 prospects that could be MLB contributors soon.

It’s hard to find a good DH these days.

Yankees social media gets backlash after praising Nestor Cortes Jr. for hitting a prop bet.

Alex Rodriguez won’t be buying the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The Chiefs sign a Welsh rugby star.

The NY Times game Connections can make you feel smart and stupid.

Why don’t more Americans eat breadfruit?

LinkedIn is pivoting to video.

Your song of the day is The Doobie Brothers with Takin’ It To The Streets.

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Title: Weekend Rumblings – News for March 30, 2024
Author: Max Rieper

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