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Like many of you, I found myself truly enjoying my Sunday, even with the Ravens not playing. A win on Thursday Night Football meant not having to sweat the Sunday slate too much, and even if that meant questioning what I was doing with my life…

…it gave me the chance to sit back, watch some Red Zone, and enjoy the game we love for what it is.

Dear reader, the game we love is weird.

We saw a monumental reversal of fortune, pictured above, that was nice enough to not happen to the Ravens. Seven games were decided by a single possession (as of the writing of this article, Monday Night Football has yet to be played). Team records and playoff implications are all over the place, even in places you wouldn’t expect.

The unpredictability is what makes this last half of the season so exciting, because the stakes are so high on every play, whether it’s an otherwise reliable receiver with an uncharacteristic, game-altering drop…

…or a player fighting tooth and nail to prove he deserves a prime position in a team’s future.

When every play counts for so much, it creates a lot of pressure on the players and coaches involved. Sometimes, that pressure boils over into something that I’m glad the Ravens could (mostly) avoid this week: beef.

Whether it was beef between coaches and media…

…players beefing with fans on social media…

…players beefing with entire organizations on social media (warning: language) …

…or players beefing with each other (again, language warning) …

…it was honestly kind of nice to have our guys mostly uninvolved in the drama. I say mostly because Bengals LB Germaine Pratt still had some sour grapes about the result of TNF, going to Twitter to postulate that the result of the game would have been different if not for Joe Burrow’s injury. Patrick Queen and Roquan Smith took their opportunities to point out that if grandma had wheels, she’d be a bike.

We’ll have to dive back into the drama sooner rather than later, but with a BYE week fast approaching, it was nice to watch the chaos unfold from afar for once instead of being a part of it.

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Title: OTL: National Beef League
Author: Kevin McNelis

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