Texans QB C.J. Stroud will continue ‘letting it fly’ after 3 INT game

Houston Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud threw three interceptions in the team’s 21-16 victory over the Arizona Cardinals Sunday at NRG Stadium.

What makes the event noteworthy is the No. 2 overall pick came into Week 11 with just two interceptions chucked for his whole nine-game career. Stroud was the model citizen for ball security entering Week 11.

After such a turnover-laden effort, Stroud told reporters after the game he still intends to play with the same aggressive style when dropping back.

“I’ll be okay,” Stroud said. “And, man, Steph Curry don’t ever stop shooting. I’m going to keep letting it ride and I’ve got no shame in my game. I’ve definitely got to be smarter — no confidence is taken away from me. I’m going to keep letting it fly. There are things where it can go either way and they got the better of me today — that’s just the NFL.”

Stroud acknowledged that his teammates picked him and helped eliminate the cost of his mistakes on the field against the Cardinals.

Said Stroud: “And I think that’s what makes me great — is that those times where you either get away with it or you don’t, or you make the play — you don’t. I’ve been blessed enough to have plays where nobody talks about it because they don’t make the play. But this game, they made the plays and that’s not going to skew my confidence one bit. I’m going to keep being me. I think I’m very confident, not only in myself, but how we’re playing as offense and the whole.”

What Stroud recognized is he is still in the learning process, even though he has had immense success.

“I’m still learning as I’m going, and I’m really blessed to be able to do it with such a special group of guys,” said Stroud. “No, man, my confidence is still there. I’ll just keep doing what I do.”

Stroud finished the game going 27-of-37 for 336 yards, two touchdowns, three interceptions, and taking three sacks.

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Texans QB C.J. Stroud will continue ‘letting it fly’ after 3 INT game

Author: Mark Lane

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