Cowboys DT Neville Gallimore fined almost $10K for late-game kick vs Giants

In the waning moments of last week’s 49-17 win, Neville Gallimore took an uncharacteristic cheap shot at a Giants opponent. It won’t be cheap for the Cowboys defensive tackle, however, to make amends in the eyes of the league.

Gallimore was fined $9,754 for kicking Giants guard Justin Pugh in the groin after a third-down play late in the Week 10 victory. Gallimore was ejected from the game with less than a minute to play; the 15-yard penalty extended a garbage-time touchdown drive and allowed New York to make the final score a little less embarrassing.

On the play, Gallimore had fallen into the back of Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito’s legs. Pugh took offense and gave the fourth-year Oklahoma product a retaliatory shove while we was still on the turf. Gallimore responded by striking back with his foot at Pugh, who was still standing over him.

As is so often the case, officials only saw the second shot.

After the game, Pugh said he wasn’t hurt and even felt bad that the moment would end up incurring a monetary fine for Gallimore.

“Look, he hit the quarterback late. I took exception to it, I hit him. I shouldn’t have done that when he was on the ground- pushed him- and he kicked me,” Pugh said per the New York Post. “I’ve gotten in so many fights in my career, I’m not gonna cost myself money. He’s gonna get a FedEx, so I feel bad for him on that. I don’t want a guy to lose money. But you don’t kick somebody on a football field.”

Now that kick will cost Gallimore nearly five figures.

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The fine is actually on the light side compared to those incurred by several other players in recent weeks. That may be because Gallimore is not a repeat offender; in fact, the former third-round draft pick has drawn just four flags of any type through 44 game appearances.


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Title: Cowboys DT Neville Gallimore fined almost $10K for late-game kick vs Giants
Author: Todd Brock

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