Colts fans: During the bye week, which game are you most eager to watch?

NFL: NOV 05 Colts at Panthers
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The Colts are taking a break this week, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

The Indianapolis Colts are calling it quits. Ok, well maybe not “quits”. The team is on its bye week, so there will be no Colts football until next Sunday. In the meantime, there are many other games occurring around the NFL. Which one are you most interested in catching?

For starters, this list is relatively short when you look down the slate of NFL games in week eleven as there are some serious duds. Some games appear mismatched like Bears at Lions, Panthers at Cowboys, or Raiders at Dolphins. Others just appear plain boring like Giants at Commanders or Chargers at Packers. Yuck. Who wants to really watch any of those? If the Colts didn’t have a rooting interest in Cardinals at Texans or Titans at Jaguars, those two games certainly wouldn’t make the cut either.

Yes, this week certainly leaves something to be desired which is unfortunate since we can’t simply tune in to a Colts game. With that said, there are few that hold some basic appeal. Steelers at Browns was very interesting and will still be the one I hope to catch in the early group although some of the appeal dropped off with the Browns turning to whomever they could find to play quarterback after the injury to Deshaun Watson. The Sunday Night Football holds some intrigue as well with both the Vikings and Broncos playing much better as of late.

At the end of the day, there is only one choice, and it is incredibly clear. Give me Eagles at Chiefs on Monday Night Football. This is an instant rematch from last year’s Super Bowl and features the two best teams in the league to-date. Dynamic quarterback play headlines the marquee on this one with the Eagles looking for a little payback. Even if we had a full schedule of top matchups, this one still would have come out on top as I can’t imagine much else surpassing it.

Yes, Colts fans. Just make it through one more week before you can settle back into the routine of blue and white Sundays. Suffer through the less than ideal games the NFL has put in front us. Enjoy it for what it is. Stress-free football.

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Title: Colts fans: During the bye week, which game are you most eager to watch?
Author: Jon Spradley

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