Aaron Donald loved watching his son dominate a flag football game during Rams’ bye week

Aaron Donald got the chance to spend some time with his family back home in Pittsburgh during the Rams’ bye week, which he always enjoys. One of the highlights of his week off was getting to see his son play football, and boy, did he put on a show for his All-Pro dad.

During his media session on Wednesday, Donald talked about how happy he was to watch his son play flag football. He was proud of the way his little one played, scoring three touchdowns and picking off one pass.

“He played good,” Donald said. “He had three touchdowns, an interception. I was proud of him. Running up and down the sideline. He had a couple reverses he scored on, two running touchdowns, one pass he caught and then caught a big interception in the red zone and ran it down halfway through the field so he played good. I was proud of him.”

Donald wasn’t as fired up on the sidelines watching his son as he is during games on Sundays, but he was certainly into it. And despite being one of the best players in NFL history, he didn’t have any tips for his son’s coach.

“I’m running, high-stepping, joyful,” Donald said. “I’m all into it. It was fun though just watching him because he played with some little passion. He loves football so it was cool just to be there and watch him play. His championship game is this week, this Sunday. So after his championship game, he will be flying out here. He doesn’t want to miss that.”

Flag football is coming to the Olympics in 2028 and although the younger Donald won’t be old enough to compete, there might be a future in football for him. He’s got a good role model to learn from, too.

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Aaron Donald loved watching his son dominate a flag football game during Rams’ bye week

Author: Cameron DaSilva

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