What MLB should learn from Peter Seidler

San Francisco Giants v San Diego Padres
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Seidler showed how things should be done and let’s hope his positivity can be spread around the game

San Diegans knew how special Peter Seidler was but I hope the rest of baseball realizes it as well. He was one of the few owners not just in baseball but in sports that truly cared most about winning a championship for the city. It didn’t matter how much it would take—he was going to give it.

“I kind of like spending money. You can’t take it with you,” Seidler once said.

He wasn’t just a special human being because of what he did as the chairman of the San Diego Padres. He wanted others to have better lives that weren’t as fortunate as he was. Late night walks in Pacific Beach giving hot dogs to the homeless so they had some food to eat. Founding the Stand Up To Cancer Legacy Endowment Circle. Supporting numerous charities.

That was Peter Seidler. Nothing was fake about him.

If there’s a positive message other owners around Major League Baseball can take from Tuesday’s crushing news, it should be to do what Seidler did.

Care about your community. Care about your fans. Care about your employees. Don’t do it just for the money—do it because you want to make a positive impact on thousands and thousands of lives.

Hopefully more human beings will be motivated to be more like Peter. I’m sure that’s what he would want.

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Title: What MLB should learn from Peter Seidler
Author: Ben Fadden

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