Rivera, Commanders preparing for rematch vs the Giants

Imagine Ron Rivera watching tape to prepare for Sunday’s game at FedEx Field against the NY Giants.

He knows his offense has been better in recent weeks, yet the memories of the 14-7 loss to the Giants a month ago still has to haunt him, it was that bad.

“You see him (Sam Howell) seeing the pressures better, you see him see the rotation, the coverages better which allows him to go through his progression quicker or get to where he needs to so he can release the ball in a timely fashion.”

One of the way the coaching is helping Howell is more of an intentional effort to involve Brian Robinson and Antonio Gibson more often in the passing attack.

“It is very important because one of the things that we wanted to make sure in talking with [Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy] EB back in February it was about distributing the ball and getting the ball to the players in space, giving them an opportunity to be explosive and dynamic.”

The Giants are terrible, yet they did beat the Commanders three weeks ago. How are the Commanders approaching this game?

“Well, just the mindset I talked about today, more than anything else, is about the opportunity that’s in front of us. It’s a chance to get ourselves on track and keep going. And I think it’s really about focusing and preparing and doing the things that we need to give us the best opportunity to win.”

Last time facing the Giants, Sam Howell was sacked six times, losing 42 yards. Is Howell ready this time for the Giants pass rush?

“I just feel good about where we’ve grown to as far as our offense is concerned. Everything from the play calling because you see EB get into those rhythms and things happen very quickly, and he’s gotten more and more comfortable with the guys on the field and the guys on the field executing.”

The Giants embarrassed the Commanders, and Rivera knows his team will want revenge but must remain focused.

“We do kind of owe these guys one, but that’s not why you play. You play to win the game. You play to do things the right way, and you keep the focus on playing the game. That, to me, is what’s more important.”

Rivera is understandably frustrated the Commanders continue to surrender the big plays they do. In the last two games, they have given up a 64-yard touchdown to a running back.

“Well, I think the biggest thing, more than anything else, is the constant emphasis on doing your job and doing the things that you need to do.”

The Giants have looked awfully bad on multiple occasions this season, but Rivera expects a fight. “I think the biggest thing is they’re all professionals. They’re going to come out, and they’re going to play as hard as they can and do everything they can to win.”


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Title: Rivera, Commanders preparing for rematch vs the Giants
Author: Ivan Lambert

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