MLB Network to air George Brett documentary on December 7

Courtesy MLB Network

The Royals legend gets the biopic treatment.

Baseball season is over, but fear not, you can still get your baseball fix at MLB Network. The channel has produced some terrific documentaries over the years on figures like Dave Parker, Johnny Bench, Don Mattingly, Ken Griffey Jr., and Tony Gwynn. Next month, it will be Royals legend and Hall of Famer George Brett that gets the biopic treatment with the documentary “Brett”, scheduled to air December 7 at 7 p.m. CT.

You can see a clip here and expect a lot of talk about his run at .400 in 1980, his hemorrhoids during the World Series that fall, and of course, the Pine Tar incident.

Brett also talks about his difficult relationship with his father, his battles with the Yankees over the years, and the film will feature rarely-seen footage from his Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Teammates Jeff Montgomery, Frank White, Willie Wilson and Jamie Quirk are all featured as well as rivals like Reggie Jackson, Mike Schmidt and Robin Yount. Judging from the clip above, the censor button will be used heavily.

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Title: MLB Network to air George Brett documentary on December 7
Author: Max Rieper

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